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Kellie Balentine
April 19, 2019 | Kellie Balentine

It's Brunch Season...

Sangria, Por Favor!

This coming (Easter) Sunday marks the opening day of ‘brunch season’. We all love brunch season, because—let’s face it—we all like a good mid-morning libation. For those of you looking for a departure from bubbles, we have just the ticket! Read on for your new go-to brunch beverage, sure to impress on Easter, Mother’s Day, and your bestie’s birthday.

Recipe compliments of Andy Neja, Assistant Winemaker

Caliza Rosé Sangria Recipe Featuring 2018 Pink

1 750ml bottle of Caliza Pink (cold)
1 pink grapefruit - juiced (sub 1 cup Wine Shine orange brandy or hibiscus lemon brandy)
1 small watermelon
1 pound strawberries
6-8oz raspberries
2 lemons
One bunch of mint with stems for garnish
Simple syrup or honey (optional)
1L bottle club soda (optional)

-Cut watermelon into small 1x1 size cubes or use a watermelon scooper.
Slice strawberries.
-Slice lemons into round wheels.
-Add wine, grapefruit juice (sub 1 cup Wine Shine Orange or Hibiscus Lemon Brandy for a boozier cocktail), approx. ¾ of the watermelon cubes/balls, approx. ¾ of the sliced strawberries, approx. ¾ of the raspberries, and one lemon wheels worth of lemons in a large pitcher (add simple syrup or honey to taste if you want a sweeter sangria).
-Refrigerate for up to 24 hours (the longer the better for more extraction) *if you can’t wait that long just refrigerate until chilled, approximately 30-45min.
-Strain sangria and discard excess fruit and any seeds (fruit can become mushy when chilling for many hours).
Serve ice cold neat or over ice. Use leftover fresh sliced fruits (watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, and lemons) and mint for garnish. Top with club soda for a nice spritz to get that party started in your mouth!

Caliza Pink

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