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Caliza Winery

Ciara Girard
March 23, 2024 | Ciara Girard

Caliza's 2024 Winemaker Dinner

A Heartfelt Thank You from Caliza Winery

From the owners, Carl & Pam Bowker, and the entire Caliza Team!

The evening was a celebration of passion, craftsmanship, and the art of winemaking, and we were thrilled to share it with you all. Your presence made the evening truly special, and we are so thankful for your continued support and love for our wines. 

Have a scroll through the stunning images we were able capture thanks to one of our favorite photographers, Heather Daenitz, of Craft and Cluster. You might even find yourself in the photos! 


The Food




The Wine




Our Guests








The Caliza Team


          Maury Froman                                         Allie Donegan & Josh Harp



Mandy Bauer                                                 Ciara Girard

Carl & Pam Bowker


Chef Jeffery Scott


Thank you again from all of us at Caliza Winery, until next year!




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